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About the Founder

Margarita de los Angeles is a dynamic, multifaceted, and determined individual with a background in tourism administration and dance instruction. Born with an innate ability to communicate with the spirit world, she has honed her expertise in Trance Philosophy, Trance Communication, and Evidential Mediumship. Margarita adeptly bridges the gap between individuals in the Spirit World and their loved ones on Earth, providing precise details and experiences as evidence of existence beyond the physical realm.


Expanding her natural talents, Margarita has seamlessly integrated her sensitivities into various disciplines, earning qualifications as a Usui Master, Akashic Records Master, and Advanced Therapist Channeler of Angels and Beings of Light. Additionally, she serves as an Energy and Spiritual Healer, adept in facilitating spiritual growth, healing processes and specializes as a professional Animal Communicator (Telepathic-Intuitive Interspecies Communication) . She is committed to promoting the evolution of conscious interspecies relationships through improved communication and understanding. Utilizing the ancient wisdom of Egyptian White Magic, she guides individuals through the release of density, darkness, and negativity, as well as providing compassionate support during the transition of the dying process. Margarita's diverse skill set also includes certification as a Foot Reflexologist and Master Yoga Teacher.


Central to Margarita's practice is her profound connection with the elemental spirits of Mother Earth, whom she reveres as "Mother Earth Spirits." This connection allows her to tap into the natural energies of the earth's elements, facilitating healing and balance through the use of gemstones and minerals.


Driven by her passion for spiritual exploration and unity, Margarita is dedicated to democratizing spiritual practices and fostering coherence within communities. Her philosophy emphasizes freedom of spirit, respect, joy, and free will, creating sacred spaces devoid of judgment and filled with unconditional love. Through her holistic approach, she offers spiritual and energetic support, drawing from the diverse array of complementary therapies previously mentioned.


As the founder of The Wonderful Corner, a holistic boutique, and Simplemente Esencia, an online platform dedicated to spiritual development, Margarita has amassed over two decades of experience in bridging the physical and spiritual realms. Currently serving as a Yoga Teacher at Om Shanti Belize School, she guides others on their paths to spiritual awakening and holistic well-being.


Ever-evolving both spiritually and as a human being, Margarita remains dedicated to serving all beings with love, compassion, and unwavering dedication.

By Appointment Only

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