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Alum Stone

Long lasting & Natural

An alum stone that's completely unpackaged and will last you for years at a time.


The Wonderful Corner share all the best tips and break down what an alum stone is actually made of and how it works the secret to making it effective!


This mineral salt stone is quite versatile, try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

We at The Wonderful Corner, introduce Alum Stone to Belize as a long lasting, natural and zero-waste deodorant for the first time in 2019.


Alum stones are a mineral salt in crystal form, made of a single ingredient: potassium alum. This is not the same chemical compound as the aluminum which is found in most conventional deodorants. Potassium alum has antimicrobial properties (which is a big part of why they work), and it has been used since antiquity.


Ancient Egyptians used it as a dye, as a mordant in textiles and for tanning. Beginning in medieval times, it was used in medicine as a styptic for minor wounds and cuts. It is still widely used in water treatment, medicine, cosmetics, and even in food (in baking soda and pickling). You can find it at pharmacies as a styptic pencil for first aid, at barbershops as an aftershave, and in cosmetics as an astringent. It has been used as a deodorant for a long time as well.



The history of alum stones is absolutely fascinating, and there's so many ways to use them. The alum stone is the original antiseptic aftershave which contains mineral salts that were originally used by the ancient Egyptians more than four thousand years ago for its healing and antiseptic properties.


In the middle ages this stone was used in the textile industry to apply coloured pigment to fabric. To this day, some fabric dyers and painters still make use of this stone to secure and anchor pigment.

In the seventeenth century a mix of alum stone and carbon was used to cover wooden houses creating a solid and impermeable layer. The stone also has many uses in medicine as it is a good and effective astringent and antiseptic.


Today the stone is most often used in cosmetics, like deodorant. It is a natural substance with many beneficial properties; it is antibacterial, healing, calming, and acts as antiperspirant.



Wet the alum stone, rub very gently, and then leave to dry. You can use an alum stone as a deodorant, aftershave or astringent. Be sure to dry it off between uses and store it on a tray to keep it long-lasting. Be careful is extremely fragile.


As an aftershave treatment: If you are applying a moisturizer or aftershave balm, splash water on the face after you have applied the alum block, pat dry with a towel and then apply your aftershave balm or moisturizer.


Everyone Ph skin is different, if you are using it for the very first time as deodorant, make sure to be patience with your body, it may take 2-3 weeks to make the transition. It is important to apply several times per day at the beginning, each time you most wash and clean your armpits before applying, specially on warm hot days, this is due to your body is getting adjusted to the natural deodorant. In time you will notice that you will be applying it less.


Please make sure to take care of your skin by applying gently, due to the raw unpolished stone surface may cause minor cuts if you press hard over the skin, specially on sensitive areas after shaving.


The advantages of this mineral :

  • It is economical as the stone dissolves very slowly. Its lifetime lasts over several years.

  • Due to its antibacterial properties, it can be used daily by the entire family. Simply rinse after each use to keep the stone healthy.

  • The stone is natural and fragrance free , it destroys the bacteria responsible for bad odors.

  • Hypoallergenic as well, it protects the sensitive skin of the whole body (underarm, face, legs, ...). It reduces the sensations of burns and discomfort due to shaving or hair removal while soothing the irritated skin. Additionally, its astringent properties help prevent the development of ingrown hairs.

  • In the case of minor cuts, it stops the bleeding immediately.

  • Following the advice of a medical experts, it soothes and reduces heat sensations to sunburned areas.

  • As a powder , it regulates perspiration, eliminates odors, moisturizes, soothes and heals the skin.



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