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Soy Wax Intentioned Candles

Original & Authentic Artisanal Energy Healing Candles

An Intentioned Candle is charged up with Universal Energy and programmed for your highest well-being. When this candle is lighted, a sacred fire is awakened, it releases a healing energy, which can be transferred to any living thing or surroundings, which helps in generating higher power energy in people, for lasting effects of healing yourself and areas in your life.


They are hand-poured using the finest wax, reused jars and purest blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. All of the candles are characterized by their pleasant scents, vibrant colors and rich textures. 

Maybe you have a favorite Belizean Brand of Candles? If so, Margarita de los Angeles will be happy to work in programming and intentioned your own candle!

Our Collections: Repurposed Jars, Coconut Shell and Crescentia Candles!

Each of our Universal Energy Charged Candles has been energetically cleansed before delivery and enhanced with a specific intention of  unconditional love: healing, harmony, abundance,  enlightenment,  unity and peace or programmed with your specific needs.

  • Made in Belize

  • Energy Cleansing Properties

  • Repurposed Jar

  • Each candle is unique

  • Made with natural essential oils

  • Beautiful room-filling fragrance

  • Amazing quality from beginning
    to end

  • Evenly melting soy wax blend

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Candle Tips:

  • From Soy Candles to Warm Massage

  • Benefits of Soy Candles

  • Tips for burning Soy Candles

  • Safety tips

  • Candle Therapy

  • Description about how to use our
    Candles and much more!

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